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This is a monthly column that I wrote for a local newspaper called the Franklin Voice back in 1996-1997. These are posted for your enjoyment. Some articles will seem to be so 20th century. Other articles, suprisingly, are still relavant. Enjoy.

Black History Month - Continuing the Legacy

Published on: 1997-02-01 00:00:00
Publication: The Franklin Voice

Well its February, Black History month. This is the month in which millions of Americans celebrate the contributions of African Americans to our society. African Americans have made contributions in all areas, Science and Technology, Leadership, Business Development, Education, Literature, the Arts and Sports. Today, millions of African American men and women are continuing the legacy of outstanding achievement and significant contributions to their fields of expertise.

Data Insurance

Published on: 1996-03-01 03:00:00
Publication: The Franklin Voice

How much is your computer worth? If your computer were to disappear today what would it cost you to replace it? You would probably spend a around $2000 to replace the hardware. But could you continue working as before with a new computer? Chances are you might not be able to continue working because the one thing missing would be your data. The data on your computer is unique to you and represents your efforts and/or personal information. It's your 1995 tax information, that presentation you are preparing for that major customer, your son or daughter's book report.