Great Webinar on Combining Drupal and Alfresco

Posted on: Tue, 2009-09-15 20:00

On September 15th Jeff Potts and Chris Fuller of Optaros delivered a webinar entitled "Transform Your Intranet -- Why clients are excited about combining Drupal and Alfresco". Jeff and Chris made some key points about why intranets were important and about the characteristics of effective intranets. They also showed how combining Alfresco with Drupal enables an organization to create an intranet that aligns with its business in a cost effective way.

In my opinion, while this webinar was specifically about intranets, this concept is applicable to any social network that is meant to support an organization that depends on communication to and between its members.  Many organizations tend to have membership, roles and purpose that are fairly well defined. For those organizations, it is a straightforward process to construct an on-line component that is representative of the structure of the organization. Some examples of organizations that fit into this category are:

  • Educational institutions
  • Professional Associations
  • Service Organizations

These organizations stand to benefit by building an on-line component that combines Alfresco's enterprise capabilities with Drupal's presentation and community capabilities.  If you are involved with planning or implementing a social network for such an organization, I would recommend viewing this webinar. It would be time well spent.